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August 13, 2014

Conder Aqua Solutions Introduce New Standardised Range of Vertical Pump Stations

Water and wastewater treatment expert, Conder Aqua Solutions, is continuing to lead the industry in product development and respond to customer need by launching its new standardised range of vertical pump stations.

The standardisation of Conders vertical packaged pump station offering has been introduced to enable a quicker turnaround of product selection, quotations and ultimately delivery. These factors combined will see Conder delivering an even more efficient service at a more competitive price.


The Co. Durham based manufacturing plant has recently seen major changes and developments as the company joined with Canadian industry leader in water treatment, Premier Tech. Since then the company has undergone an extensive rebrand, expanded its product selection and has introduced exclusive rotomoulding manufacturing technology at its Peterlee plant.


The standardisation is one of many changes and plans put in place as part of the partnership with Premier Tech. Stuart Wray, Managing Director at Conder Aqua Solutions said “The introduction of the standardised vertical pump station will not only allow for us to be increasingly more competitive on price but the product offering is also considerably more appealing. The product is now much more packaged with less loose items and, due to the standardised orientations, the ease of installation and commissioning has significantly increased”.


Designed for low lying or flat areas, the Conder range of vertical package pump stations is designed for raising sewage, effluent, wastewater and surface water in low lying or flat areas and locations remote from mains sewage. The range is designed for applications that may require a 24-hour storage capacity of up to 30m³ (dependant on invert level) and is available in sizes from 1-2.5 metre diameter and 6 metres deep. Conder also offer deep options for deep inlet pump stations.


Conder Aqua Solutions manufacture a full range of water and wastewater treatment products with the Conder brand becoming increasingly recognised across the industry for its high quality products, reduced installation costs and ever adapting product range to cater for customer needs


World leader in onsite and decentralized wastewater treatment, water storage and rain water harvesting solutions, Premier Tech Aqua specializes in the design and manufacturing of innovative and durable solutions.

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