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May 20, 2014

Introduction of Market First Advanced Rotomoulding Manufacturing Technology

Conder Aqua Solutions, the UKs industry leader in packaged water and wastewater solutions, has invested in exclusive new rotomoulding technology which is set to significantly increase production capabilities and produce a 20% growth in turnover.

Commissioned and in production since early May, the new rotomoulding machinery makes Conder one of the first wastewater companies in the UK to manufacture their tanks using this form of technology.  Based at the manufacturing plant in Peterlee, Co. Durham the new equipment is not only set to increase turnover but has already resulted in a higher skilled workforce with two teams being expertly trained to use the exclusive machinery.


The new equipment works by heating a specialist polymer powder within a tank mould at extremely high temperatures whilst being rotated on a specially built platform. This is then left to cool and released from the mould producing a high quality, durable tank for distribution to both domestic and commercial customers who do not have access to mains drainage. 


Conder is now using this technology to manufacture their newly designed low profile Conder Septic Tank Range, manufactured in HDPE with granular and concrete backfill options, providing significantly reduced installation costs and, as such benefits for all parties. Soon to be announced is the introduction of a new rotomoulded Conder ASP sewage treatment plant which will see significant technical developments to the product.


The new rotomoulding technology will be used to complement the existing GRP manufacturing facilities. This, together with the introduction of newly designed products is just some of the many benefits that have come as a result of Conders recent partnership with Canadian company Premier Tech.


Stuart Wray, Managing Director at Conder said “The introduction of this new, more automated technology will open up a whole new range of market opportunities for Conder. It will allow us to enhance the distribution service that we offer to our clients whilst also providing a high quality product with solid and dependable performance. Our aim at Conder is to listen to customer requirements and deliver based on this feedback. The new rotomoulding machinery is a great example of this”.


Conder Aqua Solutions, based in Peterlee, Co. Durham, offer a range of water and wastewater products including sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, storage solutions, oil/water separators and rainwater harvesting systems.


World leader in onsite and decentralized wastewater treatment, water storage and rain water harvesting solutions, Premier Tech Aqua specializes in the design and manufacturing of innovative and durable solutions.

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