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July 04, 2014

New Conder Septic Tank Range to Improve Performance and Reduce Installation Costs

Conder Aqua Solutions, industry leading water and wastewater treatment specialists, has this month announced the launch of its new range of septic tanks, now available in reinforced and super reinforced options through the introduction of a new granular surround backfill. The introduction will bring to the market significantly reduced installation costs combines with an easier install process and a superior performance.

The new super reinforced range of septic tanks means that a granular backfill can be used, rather than the traditional concrete back fill which means less installation time is required and as such install costs are reduced significantly.

Conders range of septic tanks feature some of the most advanced technical qualities in the industry including built in impingement pre-filters that prevent suspended solids from entering the external pipework and drainage field. The tanks are also uniquely designed for shallow digs ensuring enhanced performance and durability as well as being fully CE approved and tested to EN12566-1.


“The new super reinforced septic tank has been introduced to create more cost effective and efficient installation processes for builders and installers” says Stuart Wray, Managing Director at Conder Aqua Solutions.  “Not only do the tanks contain some of the most advanced technical qualities in the industry but due to the introduction of a new granular backfill our customers will benefit from much cheaper installation costs without any compromise on product. We’ve estimated that it’s possible to save up to £xx based on a typical xx litre septic tank.


Conder has already seen customers move  to the super reinforced tanks after learning about the cost saving benefits it can bring “We’re delighted with the industry’s response to the new product at such an early stage”, continued Stuart. “Already we’re receiving really positive feedback on how this product will reduce installation and maintenance costs and make for a far easier installation process,” added Stuart.


The Conder range of low profile septic tanks are manufactured in both HDPE from 3000 to 10000 litres and GRP tanks manufacturing in capacities ranging from 12000 to 250000 litres. The company have a full range of wastewater treatment products, stormwater solutions, storage tanks and pumping stations.


For more information on this product or any others in the Conder range please contact the Conder Aqua Solutions sales team on 08702 640004,


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